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Prediction: use science or history?
At HPE Reimagine 2018 organized in Brussels on 24 May, Dr. Eng Lim Goh, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, HPE High Performance Computing and AI, explains using concrete examples that prediction is key. A lot of time all these years science was used to help with prediction. But can data be used for prediction, and not just science?
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Introduction about Artificial Intelligence
Discover this interesting introduction about AI presented by Prof. Thomas Hertog, Professor of Theoretical Physics at KU Leuven, and closed collaborator of Dr. Stephen Hawking. What is AI? How is HPC supporting research in fundamental sciences? How does it partner with Space Science? Can solving AI be a solution to the societal and scientific challenges?
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Differentiating and Innovating is a business necessity.
Presented by Tal Elgar, EMEA Sales Director at Intel Corporation.
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Customer story Infrabel. Taking advantage of a modern infrastructure foundation to address the ever increasing growth of data.
How are customers taking advantage from the ever growing ‘Gold Mine’ of data? Improving business efficiency, boosting new business outcomes and innovation made possible by a modern IT infrastructure foundation from the Edge to the Core. Stefan De Schuyter, HPE Country Chief Technologist takes you on a virtual tour of some customer stories demonstrated at the recent edition of HPE Discover in Madrid. He pays a special attention to the interesting case of Infrabel using a layered approach combining SAP HANA for real time data processing, Red Hat Storage for video capturing and Hadoop as the foundation for historical data analytics. With the participation of Frederik Dumarey, IT Infrastructure Manager at Infrabel ICT.
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Customer Story Niko Group. Artificial Intelligence in the data center.
We are on a journey to a more cloud based architecture. And even for managing more than 150 systems on premise we rely on Machine learning in the cloud. Moderated by Jan Vleminckx and presented by Yves Venneman, HPE Country pre-sales and Jan Van Moere, 17 years Network & Security Engineer at Niko Group.
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The Rise of Machine Learning Makes Our Networks Smarter and Safer: user and entities behavior analytics.
Every CISO needs to vigilantly guard against the growth and sophistication of external cyber-threats, but the biggest cyber-risk may be what is sneaking within their own network. Negligent employees, malicious insiders, and compromised users and hosts often have the benefit of legitimate credentials to exploit weaknesses in traditional security infrastructure. Traditional perimeter defenses give free rein to those credentials. But to determine if those “users” are part of an attack, enterprises really need to focus security on the behavior of who or what is using authorized credentials. What’s needed is a big data analytics platform that leverages machine learning to spot anomalies and connect the dots, weeding out false positives to determine what might be a real problem. Presented by Bruno Hareng, Aruba EMEA Product Manager.
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An Innovative View on Data Centric Computing
See compelling use case examples that were on show at HPE Discover Madrid 2017 and which steps HPE is taking towards memory-centric computing with Gen-Z and The Machine. Presented by Geert Kuijken, HPE Enterprise Architect.
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Choosing a cloud solution: the opportunities and the challenges
It might look easy to just take the simplest way of moving your infrastructure to ‘cloud’ in an IaaS way, but this is not always the most suitable option. There is no single silver bullet option that is always best. Our experts - Bernard Drost, HPE VP & Principal Architect, and Matthew Naunton, HPE WW Sales GreenLake - went through the various options to consider when you choose to move your applications and workloads to the cloud.
Accelerating Cloud Adoption by Bernard Drost. View the slides.
HPE Comsumption Solutions by Matthew Naunton. View the slides.
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About AI. Your Deep Learning Cookbook
AI has proceeded over the last 50 years in fits and starts and today the momentum has picked up again dramatically. New discoveries and techniques in Deep Learning, the best performing AI, are emerging at a rate of one every two months. If anything, this pace is likely to accelerate in the future as this becomes relevant across many industries, So perhaps needless to say, our customers will be seeking more and more AI hardware and software solutions in the years ahead. But how would one define Artificial Intelligence and does this mean the same thing it meant 50 years ago? Finally even more how and where would you start an AI/ML/DL project? HPE has thought about it and built the Deep Learning Cookbook for you. Presented by Sorin Cheran, HPE Technology Strategist, PhD.
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