Sorin Cristian Cheran


Sorin Cristian Cheran is HPE Technology Strategist part of the HPC and AI Competency Centre in Grenoble, working for HPE since 2007. Before that Sorin has obtained his PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Universita degli Studi di Torino in Italy.


About AI. Your Deep Learning Cookbook

AI has proceeded over the last 50 years in fits and starts and today the momentum has picked up again dramatically. New discoveries and techniques in Deep Learning, the best performing AI, are emerging at a rate of one every two months. If anything, this pace is likely to accelerate in the future as this becomes relevant across many industries. So perhaps needless to say, our customers will be seeking more and more AI hardware and software solutions in the years ahead.

But how would one define Artificial Intelligence and does this mean the same thing it meant 50 years ago?
Finally even more how and where would you start an AI/ML/DL project?
HPE has thought about it and built the Deep Learning Cookbook for you.

Sorin Cristian Cheran
Presented by Sorin Cristian Cheran