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Hybrid IT Reference Platform for IT modernization

See the emerging technologies at work on HPE infrastructure. Look at VMware container deployments using Docker. Simplify Hybrid cloud management with HPE OneSphere. Discover the possibilities of on premise cloud using Microsoft Azure Stack and more emerging solutions running ‘live’ in our labs. Have a better idea of the real possibilities and have a chat with the experts on how IT modernization can be applied to your specific situation.

HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight automatically detects nine out of ten problems by collecting and analyzing billions of sensor data points from each array. Even non-storage problems, misconfigurations and other user errors are quickly diagnosed and resolved, resulting in measured availability of 99,9999%. Discover how InfoSight’s detailed executive dashboards give you peace-of-mind and alert you to specific events (performance, capacity, efficiency, etc.). It generates correlated visualizations that provide a use-case view of what’s happening across the entire “applications-to-storage” stack.

HPE SimpliVity

IT is under tremendous pressure to move faster and be more agile. Complex manual processes and non-integrated infrastructure can’t provide the power, simplicity, and speed necessary to meet the demands of the enterprise. Apps are growing 5x faster than IT can deliver, managing the IT stack consumes 80% of time and budgets, and cloud expenses are increasing rapidly. Hyperconverged infrastructure systems empower IT to overcome these challenges, so HPE SimpliVity can reduce the cost and complexity of your IT environment and deliver the technology your organization needs.

Meet the next generation of intelligent technology

Welcome to the intelligent rack and power infrastructure of HPE. This demo introduces you to the world of HPE Networking, Storage and Servers. Make yourself familiar with our offering, ask questions directly to the experts. Interested in one of our solutions? Tell us and we’ll offer you an in-depth demonstration of the respective technology and its benefits for you!


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HPE Synergy and the composer embedded, HPE OneView, is the heart of the Data Center of the future. Through the composable architecture, infrastructure deployment can be fully automated and adapted to the needs of the business applications. With the Rest API, integration is possible with other management and automation tools. In this demo setup we will show you how the infrastructure looks like and how easy it is to manage.

Secure Your Network with Aruba ClearPass

Visit this demo to see how next-generation policy management with real-time profiling and enforcement allows for secure employee, guest and IoT access. Learn how context ensures accurate visibility for any user or device using secure workflows and real-time enforcement. The solution includes Aruba ClearPass, wired and wireless solutions, and numerous third-party product integrations.

Aruba Location Services

See how we bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, engaging employees and customers in new ways, and creating business opportunities and efficiencies with wayfinding, proximity campaigns, asset tracking and location analytics.

Aruba Cloud Solutions

Curios how Aruba Cloud solutions can help you deploy, manage and optimize the user experience for your Campus and Branch infrastructure? As a partner looking for ways to deliver new revenue streams to deliver managed services to your customers? Visit the booth and let’s start the conversation how Aruba Cloud solutions can support your business!

Bringing back classical painters with artificial intelligence

Thanks to a recent innovation in artificial intelligence called “neural style transfer” it is possible to transfer the style of a piece of artwork onto a picture. We use this technology to transfer the style of a number of different classical painters onto a live video feed. Have you ever dreamed of walking in a painting of Picasso? We make your dream come true! Interact with Pepper, our friendly robot, to choose in which painting you want to be immersed...

Complete infrastructure in a box

Discover the HPE Micro Data Center: it delivers an integrated solution providing a complete software-defined reference architecture from Docker to Helion Cloud. It incorporates compute, network, storage, and facilities and IT control automation all in one single cabinet!

Play HPE Yeasayers

With HPE, yes is here. Bring your competitive game and challenge others at ‘Yeasayers.’

Hybrid IT Augmented Reality Experience

Spend less time and resources managing fragmented IT environments and start delivering cloud resources like an internal service broker. Visit the “HPE Hybrid IT Experience”, powered by HPE and Intel’s cutting edge immersive Mixed Reality experience with Microsoft HoloLens. Learn how you can use HPE Project New Hybrid IT Stack to deploy, operate and optimize clouds and applications to deliver a seamless experience across your composable, hyperconverged and public cloud resources.

Learn about HPE’s Spaceborne Supercomputer and what this means for the Mission to Mars

Join us for a demo of the supercomputing infrastructure, similar to what is now at the International Space Station. Hear about the physical computer enclosures, displayed together with HPE software to showcase this year-long experiment conducted by HPE and NASA. See how we run a high-performance commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer system in space, which has never been done before.